Medical Cover

The Medical Aid industry in South Africa has gone through vast change over the last few years.

jump.gifIt is now a specialised field and in terms of the Financial Advisors and Intermediary Services act (FAIS) only those advisors specifically accredited to provide advice on medical schemes may do so.

This service covers individual medical aids, one family medical aids and large company medical schemes.

The saying goes that an apple a day will keep the doctor away. Unfortunately, it is not always that simple. South African health care is amongst the most expensive in the world. A good medical aid scheme can help you overcome very high costs in a time of trauma

HDO Financial Designs is registered under the Medical Schemes Act in South Africa and we can advise you on what products best suit your individual needs comparing different schemes. Our schemes include Discovery | Liberty | Genesis.

Prevention is better than cure, give yourself peace of mind. People have realized the importance for a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. People are trying to be more responsible and look after their lives.

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more prevalent in South Africa.

Medical aids are promoting healthy living comprising of regular exercise and good eating habits as they have realized the importance of well being and lower medical costs.

If your current medical aid is not living up to your standards please don't hesitate to contact us.


Key Points

  • Make sure you insure against the major costs of medical emergencies before thinking of the minor ones
  • Be certain that your medical aid covers hospital, chronic medication (if this is needed) and costly out of hospital procedures like MRI and CAT scans.
  • If you are funding your own medical aid, or are part of a company medical aid scheme, you need to know just what you are not covered for!
It is also important to remember that penalties may be levied by medical aids if you have not been a member of a MEDICAL AID for a period of time, better not delay joining-the sooner the better!

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