Risk Products

Life Cover allows one to provide an income for those left behind.

leaving.jpgIt covers any debts and brings liquidity to ones estate in order to settle any estate duties, executors' fees and other administration costs. This is generally a time of morning and it allows the family to focus on what's important and not on any financial predicaments.

Risk cover products also provide protection against any financial predicament that may arise due to illness, disability or dreaded disease.

Income Protection

The Income Protection Benefit pays you a regular income if you experience a loss of income on becoming partially or fully unable to follow your nominated occupation. The benefit provides you with monthly payments on disability.

It pays you an income either until you have recovered from the temporary Disability and return to work, or until you reach the selected expiry age of 60, 65 or 70.

Overhead Expenses Benefit

The Overhead Expenses Benefit provides monthly funding for business expenses.This benefit provides you with cover to fund your business overhead expenses while you are disabled or temporarily unable to work.The waiting period is one month. The benefit is payable for a maximum of 24 months or until the benefit expiry age of 60, 65 or 70 is reached - whichever happens first.

Capital Disability

Whether through illness or an accident, you can become medically unable to continue working. This benefit provides a lump sum to ensure you remain financially secure in the event of becoming permanently disabled and not being able to earn an income.

Dread Disease

Comprehensive financial protection for you and your family against the impact of severe illness. Dread disease Benefit covers illnesses affecting all major physiological and anatomical systems of the body.

Heart and Artery Benefit • Respiratory Diseases Benefit • Connective Tissue Diseases Benefit • Ear, Nose and Throat Benefit• Cancer Benefit • Gastrointestinal Benefit • Advanced HIV/AIDS Benefit • Endocrine & Metabolic Diseases • Nervous System Benefit • Urogenital Tract and Kidney Benefit • Eye Benefit • Musculoskeletal Benefit.


Personal Products

zengarden2.jpgAs an independent Financial Advisory Service, HDO provide clients with convenient access to a full spectrum of Personal Products within the Life Insurance and Investment markets.


Medical Coverl Products

consult2.gifOur Medical  products cover individual medical aids, one family medical aids and large company medical schemes.


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