Financial Advisory Services

Our Role

We provide a wide range of financial advisory services built around the needs and expectations of our individual clients.

We understand Insurance products.

consulting2.jpgWe know which benefits are offered by the different companies and what conditions are attached to these offers. We have access to the latest diagnostic tools to analyse Investment and Insurance portfolios. We can ensure Independent Advice at all times.

Services we Provide

Before presenting any product we complete a Financial Needs Analysis. We seek to establish what your Assets and Liabilities are and what financial goals you have set for yourself. We evaluate the portfolio you already have, to ensure that these meet your risk profile. Based on the needs presented to us, we aim to provide the most comprehensive benefits through appropriate advice .

Prior to giving any advice we follow a step by step f'inancial design' process established internationally and accepted by the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa and the office of the FAIS ombud.

The step by step Financial Design process is as follows;

  • Step 1 - Establishing and defining a professional relationship
  • Step 2 - Gathering information including goals
  • Step 3 - Analising and evaluating the clients financial position'
  • Step 4 - Developing and presenting financial planning recommendation
  • Step 5 - Implementing the recommendations
  • Step 6 - Monitoring the financial planning recommendation

This process allows us to understand your needs and requirements in the following areas of personal financial planning.


Risk Cover - Overhead Expenses


The Overhead Expenses Benefit provides monthly funding for business expenses.This benefit provides you with cover to fund your business overhead expenses while you are disabled or temporarily unable to work.The waiting period is one month.

The benefit is payable for a maximum of 24 months or until the benefit expiry age of 60, 65 or 70 is reached - whichever happens first.


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receptionist.jpgIf your current portfolio is not living up to your expectations please don't hesitate to contact us.